This story is very touching and we had to share it. The love that these AKA’s showed their line sister is just remarkable.

In the midst of this quarantine craziness, my mom’s linesisters found a way to show their support, make her smile and keep her fighting! She has been having a rough couple of days – the side effects from her medication are kicking in, plus the fluid that has been forming around her heart and lungs have made it hard for her to breathe. Her linesisters had the most beautiful idea to come over and sing to her to lift her spirits – and of course they maintained social distancing… because Coronavirus. Although its a strange time in the world right now, not being able to hug and gather with loved ones the way you normally would, perhaps self-quarantining and social distancing is allowing space for creativity in how we show up for those we love the most. I am so grateful for the happiness and love that the Fabulous 15 brought to my mom today. This is what our wonderful sisterhood is about, and you ladies have shown up in the most incredible way. THANK YOU 

Source: @shanxothmpsn on Instagram