In an Instagram Live post, Bun B discussed a recent racist incident at a Whataburger involving a white woman and his wife, Angela “Queenie” Walls. While at the hamburger joint, the rapper and his wife got into an argument with a white woman in the parking lot and the white woman allegedly called Queenie a “stupid n***er” and threatened to shoot her.

Fans have reposted the Live and preserved the encounter between the couple and woman.

“So the (drive-thru) line extended out into the street; she pulled up and was blowing (her horn) at us to move,” Bun B, who also is an actor, told a police officer while he was on IG Live. “We told her to wait, we’re not moving yet. She told my wife she was gonna threaten to shoot my wife, then she got out the car and called my wife ‘a stupid n***er.’ I have everything on video.”

It was unclear if the police officer also heard the threat and whether the woman could potentially face any charges.

After Bun B, who was born Bernard James Freeman, and Queenie got through talking to police, they ran into the woman at a nearby grocery store and wanted to see if she still had all that mouth.

“You don’t remember me? I’m still that n***a?” Queenie asked the woman. “Am I still that n***a? I’m not? You sure? Because we can take it outside right now.”

According to the video that has been shared throughout social media, the white woman wisely chose to walk away. At the end of the compiled video of both encounters, the rapper warns those on his Insta-Live that they need to be careful about what they say to others in public.

“Be careful what you say to people and think you just gonna walk away from it,” Bun B warned. “Be very careful.”