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    Top 11 Misconceptions Many African Americans Have About Coronavirus

    Nationwide — Coronavirus, also known scientifically as COVID-19, has been a global nightmare. One by one, the virus has infiltrated nearly every country and about 10% of those who have contracted the virus have died. Sadly, there are many African Americans who still don’t fully understand what the virus is, and how to prevent it.Here are the top 10 most common misconceptions that many in the Black community have:

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    Bun B’s wife called n-word by white woman at Whataburger drive-thru

    In an Instagram Live post, Bun B discussed a recent racist incident at a Whataburger involving a white woman and his wife, Angela “Queenie” Walls. While at the hamburger joint, the rapper and his wife got into an argument with a white woman in the parking lot and the white woman allegedly called Queenie a “stupid n***er” and threatened to shoot her.

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    Fed takes emergency steps to slash rates and ease bank rules

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Federal Reserve took massive emergency action Sunday to try to help the economy withstand the coronavirus by slashing its benchmark interest rate to near zero and saying it would buy $700 billion in Treasury and mortgage bonds.The Fed’s surprise announcement signaled its rising concern that the viral outbreak will depress economic growth in coming months, likely causing a recession, and that it’s poised to do whatever it can to counter the risks.  

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