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Dr. JeFreda Brown

Mondays 12pm – 2pm

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About Dr. JeFreda Brown:
As a Certified Financial Education Instructor, Dr. JeFreda Brown promotes financial wellness as a Financial Literacy Advocate and educator. With over 20 years of business experience, Dr. JeFreda is one of America’s Premier Financial Educators and Business Consultants. She is also known for Simplifying the Complex. As CEO of Goshen Business Group, she focuses on providing financial and business compliance for small to large-sized organizations and the self-employed. As CEO of Provision Financial Education, she focuses on providing financial literacy education to individuals through personal financial education.



Dr. JeFreda earned her BS degree in Math from Mississippi State University. She also has MBAs with concentrations in Finance and Accounting from Mississippi College and The University of Phoenix. She is an Adjunct Professor teaching finance and business courses. She has a doctoral degree in Finance. Dr. JeFreda is also an Author and Speaker.

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As the impact of coronavirus drags into summer, experts are still learning new details about the deadly virus. The coronavirus impacts people in restaurants, bars, stores, and casinos, as the country sees spikes in COVID-19 cases.

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