Solange’s latest album is set to be released any time over the next few weeks- but she wants the world to know there’s no promised date- it’ll only be released when it’s ready. On an interview with The New York Times Style Magazine, the Grammy-winning artist laid out a sneak preview of her latest masterpiece. 

Solange wants us to know there’s no traditional set release date for a reason- perfection can not arrive at an estimated time. The artist said the album is “likely arrive into the world fully formed at some mysterious and unexpected moment, like a meteor cratering into the culture. But she will not be rushed.”

But the artist didn’t leave us completely blind as to what we should get excited for. “There is a lot of jazz at the core,” the singer says. “But with electronic and hip-hop drum and bass because I want it to bang and make your trunk rattle.” Solang previewed to us earlier this year that she’s been working with producer Steve Lacy, a member of The Internet who has also collaborated with Kendrick Lamar.


Source: Noa Kimia