A new exhibit is set to open up, honoring the late Whitney Houston, a timeless talent, in her hometown of Newark, New Jersey. The temporary exhibition, entitled, “Whitney!”, opened its doors on October 19th at the Grammy Museum.

The exhibit consists of more than 60 artifacts to share the story of Houston’s personal life and journey to a very public career. The collection ranges from photos and scrapbooks to awards, stage costumes, and other valuables that belonged to the late artist. Most notably, Houston’s 1993 Grammy Award for her single, “I Will Always Love You” will be on display.

“Whitney Houston is basically a chapter in the ongoing story of how New Jersey in general, and Newark in particular, connect to the great American music story,” said Bob Santelli, founding executive director of the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles. “And what you have in Whitney Houston is maybe the biggest shining light. It’s important to know.”

The “Whitney!” exhibit runs in  Newark until mid-spring of 2019.


Source: Noa Kimia