Brockhampton, the boyband formed in 2015 back on a Kanye West fan forum, has spent the past 3 years proving why they’re the most talented new collective of our time. The group released their three installments of their Saturation series in the short time of one year, which gathered them an international fanbase eager to see their live performance.

The band spent the end of August/early September of this year living in Abbey Road, London to record their latest project, “Iridescence”. Kevin Abstract, the founder of the group, told BBC Radio, “We’re making iridescence right now at Abbey Road. We started from scratch and were like, ‘Let’s make an album in 10 days and put it out next month,’-the way we like to make music is we’ll announce a project when there are zero songs, and then we take that pressure and try to make an album really fast.”

And the pressure clearly paid off- the album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, marking their first chart-topping project. Shortly after the release of the project, the group gave their hyped fanbase a wish come true, and they headed on their national tour.

In their 3 day stay at NYC, Brockhampton made sure that every person in one of the loudest cities in the world knew that they were there. With 3 packed shows at Terminal 5 and an appearance on Jimmy Fallon that landed them attention from Rolling Stone, the band is sure to attract even more attention throughout the remainder of their tour.


Source: Noa Kimia