Kid Cudi’s got us excited for 2019 with a tease of dropping his new album at some point in the new year. The artist took to Twitter to let us know. “I just started the new album! Taking my time with it tho buI’mim thinking next year sometime? Would that be cool? Huh? Tell me? Would that be ok,” the Ohio native said in reply to one of his fans searching for some fresh tunes.

The Cleveland rapper then revealed he has some “tasty features” coming out in the meantime to hold fans over, even expressing some interest in a Childish Gambino team up. This collab would be following his wildly successful “Kids See Ghosts” album with artist Kanye West.

Regardless of the release date, we’re excited to see where Kid Cudi’s artistic mindset is post his acting debut in this past year, and through some of the tribulations he faced and expressed to change his sound on Kids See Ghosts.


Source: Noa Kimia