Led by Michael B Jordan, GQ’s 23rd annual Men of the year issue featuring the four stars that took charge in 2018. Other names include Jonah Hill, Henry Golding, and the lone Woman of the Year, Serena Williams. Alongside special editions in which each of the top four has their own covered issue, they also all receive a special recognition. Jonah Hill, who recently made his debut in directing for “Mid90s”, proved his talents extent past the screen and onto the drawing board by earning him the Director of the Year award. 

Henry Golding received Star of the Year for the summer hit Crazy Rich Asians. The actor said that while he expected the movie to do well and make waves, none of the cast could have expected the rave reviews the film received internationally. Beyond the films success, it deemed Henry Golding as one of the industry’s must see new actors. 

Lastly, the sole Woman of the Year Serena Williams earned a well deserved Champion of the Year. The Florida self made athlete crushed the year, with her U.S. Open moment being spoken about throughout the entire world. The athlete and magazine worked a surprise cover collaboration with Virgil Abloh- the Off White designer, who’s recently collared with Louis Vuitton, and is responsible for her coolest on court looks of 2018. 

Source: Noa Kimia