As we all know, Lauren London lost her husband, recording artist, motivator, and influencer, Nipsey
Hussle on March 31st, 2019.Hip-Hop recording artist, Kodak Black, is receiving a ton of backlash after his recent comments to Lauren London. A week ago, Kodak Black went live and made several comments in an attempt to “shoot his shot” with Lauren London and gave her a time span on how long she should grieve the tragic passing of her husband. During the live video, his friends told him “it’s too early”, as he proceeded to say what he said.

Due to these recents comments, many radio stations are refusing to play Kodak Black’s music. On
April 8th, 2019, the Trap Music Museum, in Atlanta, Georgia, removed everything related to Kodak
Black. Today, Kodak Black responded via Instagram Live saying “F*** that museum”. Several artist have went back and forth on Instagram with Kodak Black demanding an apology. T.I., who is the owner of the Trap Music Museum, was one of the first to address Kodak. Recording artists Tank and The Game also addressed Kodak via Instagram.


After a few days, Kodak Black eventually apologized, but said that he meant what he said and he doesn’t
see anything wrong with his comments. He also argued that no one addressed the positive things he
discussed in his Instagram live that he planned to do in his community and around the world due to the
influence of the late, Nipsey Hussle.


Yesterday, April 9 th , another Los Angeles VLive club, along with the radio station Power 106, posted that they will no longer play Kodak Black’s music. Kodak Black’s fans have a lot to say about this situation. They compared Kodak’s comments to the comments recording artist Cardi B released a week earlier. Her comments stated that she used to drug males while having sexual intercourse with them, which ended with her stealing their wallets. Cardi B received a few backlashes from this, but never to the extent of her music being removed from radio stations.


Bardi Gang, Cardi B’s fanbase, was not here for the shenanigans. They argued that Cardi was opening up
to fans about her past to let them know how far she has come. Kodak Black, on the other hand,
commented on a very sensitive subject for a ton of people. Kodak Black will continue to make music, while also thanking his fans for being there for him through this situation.


By: Shamyah Tatum

Edited By: Meagan Chalmers