It was rumored that Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton allegedly had a fifth child with an Instagram model, thus breaking up his relationship with longtime girlfriend Kia Proctor, who is the mother of his other 4 children. Or so everyone thought. Now, Newton has filed to wants his now ex-baby mama/girlfriend, Kia Proctor, to take a DNA test to prove “their” 4 kids are his?!

Yep, you read that correctly.  According to multiple reports,  Newton, sued Proctor for paternity, joint custody and visitation of their four children, Chosen 5, Sovereign-Dior, 3, Camidas, 2, and Cashmere Saint, 3 months.  The former couple, who posted together with their then three children and Proctor’s daughter from a prior relationship, have erased each other from their respective social media accounts. In this year’s holiday photo, Proctor posted solo with four of her children.

Newton, 30, is allegedly the father of a child with Instagram model La Reina Shaw, 33. That apparently went down while he was still with Proctor.

According to court papers obtained by Bossip, Newton demanded a DNA test from Proctor, 31, for their youngest child, born in September who has never lived with the Carolina Panthers quarterback.

Here’s more via Bossip:

Newton acknowledged that he signed the kids’ birth certificates, but wants DNA proof. He said he’s been voluntarily paying child support but wants the court to figure out a dollar amount. Newton also said that once he’s legally deemed the father, he’d like joint physical custody with Proctor.