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    Black nerds aka Blerds, this event is for you. Blerd City Con is coming to Brooklyn, New York, July 13 – July 15. The event is a celebration of the black community and will feature art, science, film, literature, and technology.

    “I want the audience to experience Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy by the talents of leading writers as well as filmmakers, coders and creators of the African Diaspora who are serving the community of black and Nerdy,” said founder Clairesa Clay.   

    Blerd City is a conference dedicated to showcasing the multidimensional complexity of black nerdiness through all spectrums of creativity, invention, and innovation and this is its second year in action. You can expect panels, workshops, film screenings, Afrofuturism, special guests, and presentations. In addition, there will be a marketplace for gaming and comic books open to all ages.

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    FUBU Radio CEO Keith Perrin’s growing media empire

    The mission of FUBU Radio is to not only entertain but also to empower audiences through “music and life-changing content.” That goal epitomizes the vision of CEO and General Manager, Keith Perrin, who founded the station in 2015. A co-owner and founder of groundbreaking apparel company FUBU, Perrin saw a demand for more music variety in 90s-2000s hip-hop and R&B music on the airwaves. FUBU Radio plays hip-hop from 1990-2008, and R&B from 1990-2018, satisfying fans’ thirst for lyricism and diversity in sound. FUBU Radio also features articles on technology, culture, and entertainment, with more content planned to educate and uplift readers. AXS recently sat down with Perrin to discuss the birth of FUBU Radio, its distinction, and the future of the station.

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    On Thursday of this past week, the R&B songstress made a post on her Instagram account wearing a snake skin patterned Fashion Nova outfit, but her caption made headlines, as she claimed to be pregnant with her second child. “#PreggoInMyFashionNovaFit 😩 #CongradulationsAreInOrder 😈,” she wrote.

    Naturally, fans and outlets like ourselves took the statement as a pregnancy announcement. Silly us, Keyshia was just “trolling.”

    On Friday night, she posted again on Instagram debunking the news and revealing that it was all a hoax to get back at people that have been falsely claiming she was pregnant.

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    The 4 Rookie Mistakes To Avoid When Automating Your Social Media

    When it comes to marketing, it’s no secret that social media is one of the most time consuming tasks your business needs to conduct. Plus, when you have a business to run, answering passive aggressive Tweets from customers is probably the last thing on your mind. As a result of the amount of time social media marketing takes, automation has become a hot topic in recent years.

    While the intention behind social media automation is good, the execution is where many problems arise. Most who automate their social media simply resort to spammy, automatic messages that end up hurting their brand more than helping it.

    Spammy automation doesn’t just get others annoyed with your brand though, it can also cause your brand to lose credibility in the eyes of potential customers. Perception is reality, and in today’s marketplace where there are a hundred competitors lurking around every corner, you’re only one “social media fail” or poor Yelp review away from losing an immense amount of cash flow.

    Here are four rookie mistakes when it comes to social media automation you need to avoid at all costs, and what to do instead.

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    50 Best and Worst States to Start a Business

    The new American Dream is to find the financial freedom that comes with starting a successful business. That’s really the only way to become truly wealthy in the United States, if you weren’t lucky enough to be born into money.

    Now, personal finance site WalletHub has calculated what they say is a ranking of the 50 states, “across 25 key indicators of startup success to determine the most fertile grounds in which to launch and grow an enterprise.”

    You can read more about WalletHub’s methodology here. Some of their conclusions are really surprising. (Let’s just say people from Mississippi will like it more than some other rankings.) But even if you could quibble a bit with a few of the rankings or methodology, it’s an interesting starting point.

    So now, the 50 states ranked in order of friendliness to new business. Where does your state rank? Does the list make sense to you?

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    Why T.I. Decided to Save His Old Atlanta Neighborhood and How He’s Doing It

    Not long ago, Clifford Joseph Harris Jr.–the rapper, actor, and fashion impresario who’s better known as T.I.–took a hard look at the once-vibrant neighborhood he grew up in. By the age of 14, he’d been arrested several times on drug charges. To flip the script for kids like him, in 2017 he founded Buy Back the Block, a real estate venture that reimagines his old neighborhood one building at a time. –As told to Sheila Marikar

    I grew up in the 1980s and ’90s in the Center Hill section of Atlanta, just off Bankhead Highway. Back then, that part of town was considered the lower end of the middle class. After the crack era, the community stalled, and from 1994 to 2012, it became an extremely desolate area for business. There’s no major grocery store chain. There’s no fresh produce. There’s no CVS. There are liquor stores.

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    This Silicon Valley Startup Says It Can Disrupt Your Hangover

    We were promised jetpacks, etc., but the latest hype in techland surrounds something more workaday: Morning Recovery, a 3.4-ounce drink that purportedly beats hang­overs.

    The formula is the product of 82 Labs, a Los Angeles-based startup founded by former Tesla engineer Sisun Lee. After visiting his native South Korea and witnessing go-getters down supplements that enabled them to wake up reasonably refreshed after a night of heroic drinking, Lee wanted to bring a similar product to the United States. His research led him to Jing Liang, a USC professor who had spent years researching hangover cures. Together they developed a concoction aimed at mitigating the effects of a night of excessive alcohol consumption.

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    Raiders’ Gareon Conley Sues Woman Who Accused Him Of Sexual Assault

    Gareon Conley, of the Oakland Raiders, filed a countersuit against the woman who accused him of sexual assault last year.

    The accusations came two days before the 2017 NFL draft. Prior to the accusations, he was widely seen as the best cornerback in the draft and a possible top-10 pick, instead Conley went to the Raiders at No. 24. He also lost a number of endorsements, including one from Nike.

    In July, a Cleveland grand jury said it would not file charges against Conley in connection to the woman’s claims.

    Conley is seeking at least $25,000 in damages. He says that the woman’s claim was false and “undoubtedly made out of malice,” reports USA Today.

    Black America Web

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    Chris Brown Arrested In Florida On Felony Battery Warrant

    Chris Brown was taken into custody Thursday night just minutes after his concert in West Palm Beach.

    According to TMZ, cops arrested him on a 2017 felony battery warrant from a nearby county.

    Cops were waiting in the wings of Coral Sky Amphitheatre and arrested Breezy as he stepped off stage.

    According to reports, Brown was booked and subsequently released after paying $2000 bond.

    Source: Black America Web

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    Trump knocks Harley-Davidson again, says administration working to bring other motorcycle companies to the US

    President Donald Trump is blasting Harley-Davidson again for announcing it’s shifting some operations overseas in the wake of retaliatory EU tariffs against U.S. duties.

    Trump said Tuesday that his administration is talking with other motorcycle companies about moving to the U.S.

    “Now that Harley-Davidson is moving part of its operation out of the U.S., my Administration is working with other Motor Cycle companies who want to move into the U.S. Harley customers are not happy with their move – sales are down 7% in 2017. The U.S. is where the Action is!,” Trump said on Twitter.Trump has repeatedly criticized the motorcycle manufacturer recently.

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