DJ Dr. Hollywood

    DJ Dr. Hollywood

    Thursdays 4AM – 6AM and Sundays 8PM – 10PM

    Born & Raised in Bed Stuy Brooklyn. DJ Doc Hollywood is a Top 40 up-Tempo DJ. Has DJ’ed for Papoose, Jon Fotire, Michael Blackson & the Tribe Called Quest. Dj Dr. Hollywood’s true passion is creating a platform for Independent Artist to Showcase their Talent!

    DJ Doc Hollywood Grew up in the Heart of Bed Stuy Brooklyn. He has been Djing for over ten years. He started out carrying records for his uncle Dj Cain and his partner Dj AB(RIP). While being around those two great Dj’s. Doc Hollywood developed his style of being a Top 40 Up-Tempo DJ with the #1 rule being NO DEAD AIR!

    From there DJ

    Doc Hollywood went on to starting multiple business ventures such as Executive Producing two independent albums (Mr. chase Aka Ben Gully “Clarity” & Bigga da Boss Da Rocka “Straight Out of Brooklyn”), two independent television shows (Street Visions & Underground Media TV), releasing multiple mixtapes, organizing multiple concert series & open mics, and volunteering for the Universal Hip Hop Parade For Social Justice as the Chair & Co-Chair from 2007 to 2011. 

    DJ Doc Hollywood is currently a DJ On Multiple independent Radio stations. Producing & DJing Multiple Podcasts while putting out mixtapes every month that caters to the independent artists that want to let their talent speak for itself!

    You can also expect great Concert series & Festivals to be organized by DJ Doc Hollywood and his great Crew of Promoters, DJ’s, Photographers, Editors, etc.

    The Sky is the limit but for DJ Doc Hollywood He Wants More so he lives by the Motto Forever Forward Movement, going beyond any limit that was set.

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