DJ Fab Roc

    DJ Fab Roc

    Wednesdays 6pm to 8pm and Fridays 10pm to 12pm

    Born and raised in New York, Fab has created an illustrious career in the heart of the birth of hip-hop. As a creative producer by day, DJing has become her second leg. Having learned the fundamental skills at the hallowed Dubspot school, Fab Roc has been able to combine her love for music with her passion for curating content for brands. She has accomplished a vast amount in just over three years, already having notable clients as well as DJing across the nation and internationally. With a robust knowledge of music, Fab Roc has become known for her seamless transitions and ability to Roc a crowd. Honing her skills everyday, she has set out to be the best, newcomer to the DJ scene.


    Twitter: @Fab_Roc_

    Instagram: Fab_Roc

    bandsintown: Fab Roc

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