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    Chrys Childs

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    Chrys Childs is a bubbly and charming Radio and Media personality, co-founder of “The Bartenders Diary”, Entrepreneur and a crazy fast Mixologist.

    Beginning her career in front of the camera as a preteen as a host on cable visions “Teen Vibes” a teen talk show dedicated to teenagers discussing fashion, music and tackling primary adolescent issues. She found her love for keeping people informed, and creating the way in which people receive that information.

    Now she’s teamed up with FUBU Radio to bring you Nightlife, Pop Culture, News and Entertainment giving you the run down To Whats Going on, Where its Happening, Who’s going to be there, and What you are going to Drink.

    Branding her self as Your Source for Everything Nightlife and Entertainment, Chrys Childs takes you on a ride fit for cameras, lights and action.


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