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Akademiks Vows to Expose the Rap Industry Amidst Legal Battle

Akademiks Vows to Expose the Rap Industry Amidst Legal Battle
In a bold response to rape allegations, media personality Akademiks has vowed to expose the entire rap industry. Addressing the claims made by his ex-girlfriend, Ziya Abashe, on his Rumble channel, Akademiks denied the accusations and hinted at a larger conspiracy tied to his reporting on Diddy's legal troubles.

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Akademiks Vows to Expose the Rap Industry Amidst Legal Battle

written By: Demetrius Brown

In a bold and controversial move, media personality Akademiks has threatened to bring down the entire rap industry in response to being sued for rape. Addressing the claims made by his ex-girlfriend, Ziya Abashe, on his Rumble channel, Akademiks vehemently denied the allegations and launched into a tirade against the Hip Hop community.

“I can’t talk about too much because I’ve paid lawyers to handle this in court,” he said. “These people who are coming at me are hoping that I mess up by handling it on social media. The police want nothing to do with this. They’re saying there is no crime.”

Akademiks suggested that the lawsuit might be linked to his reporting on Diddy’s legal troubles, noting that Abashe shares a lawyer with Lil Rod, the mogul’s sexual assault accuser.

“Is it possible that the person really seeing the money grab was the Diddy stuff? And who was the biggest person covering the Diddy stuff?” he asked. “That lawyer allegedly reached out to some of my people saying, ‘If Ak continues to doubt what we are saying about Diddy, remember, we can file a lawsuit against him too.’”

He further declared, “Let me tell you this about everyone in the industry: if Ak ever goes down, y’all going down with me. ‘Cause I hold no secrets for nobody.” Akademiks labeled the lawsuit a “shakedown” after a police investigation reportedly found no wrongdoing. He confirmed he was not under criminal investigation and had CCTV proof to refute his ex’s claims.

In the midst of the controversy, rapper Meek Mill, who has a long-standing feud with Akademiks, took a jab at him on X (formerly Twitter). “Whatever these people sold their soul to, I’m not in it,” Meek Mill tweeted. “Now he’s telling why he was reporting bad about people?”

Akademiks fired back swiftly, stating, “I will say this to you, to your face, on your death bed: I killed your career… what was left of it. I jack off to the fact that your career is six feet under. You really gonna be on Twitter for the rest of your life. You blocked me and followed my exes, you’re a weirdo. Bye bye, Meek Mill.”

In her lawsuit, Abashe alleged that in July 2022, Akademiks invited her to his house, where two of his friends drugged her, got her forcibly drunk, and raped her. She recounted, “I was awakened naked in a bed in what I believed was Mr. Allen’s bedroom around 4 a.m. He savagely pulled my hair, pried open my legs, and brutally raped me.”

As the legal battle unfolds, Akademiks remains defiant, insisting on his innocence and threatening to expose the industry’s darkest secrets.


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