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Fubu Radio Article three people shot and injuried on the set of Lil Baby video shoot.

Lil Baby’s Music Video Shoot Interrupted by Gunfire: Multiple Injuries Reported

Lil Baby’s music video shoot in Atlanta turned into a scene of chaos as gunfire erupted, injuring several people. According to witnesses, an altercation between two unknown parties led to the shooting, which occurred while members of QC Records were filming. Lil Baby was not involved in the altercation. All three victims are expected to recover, and the investigation continues.

Fubu Radio Article The Salary You Need to Be Considered Middle Class in Every U.S. State—It's Close to $200,000 in Two States

The Income Needed to Be Middle Class in Every U.S. State—Nearly $200,000 in Two States

The income needed to be considered middle class in the U.S. varies greatly by state, with some states requiring over $150,000 annually. Maryland and New Jersey are at the high end, where a middle-class income approaches $200,000. The exact ranges are based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2022 American Community Survey. Financial well-being, however, goes beyond income and is influenced by our perceptions and comparisons, says financial psychologist Brad Klontz.

Akademiks Vows to Expose the Rap Industry Amidst Legal Battle

Akademiks Vows to Expose the Rap Industry Amidst Legal Battle

In a bold response to rape allegations, media personality Akademiks has vowed to expose the entire rap industry. Addressing the claims made by his ex-girlfriend, Ziya Abashe, on his Rumble channel, Akademiks denied the accusations and hinted at a larger conspiracy tied to his reporting on Diddy’s legal troubles.

Shay McCray Show Season 2 Launch

The Shay McCray Show returns for Season 2

Shay McCray is back with a sensational Season 2 of The Shay McCray Show on You42! Presented by the FUBU Radio Network, this season features an impressive lineup of guests, including Jasmine Guy, Q Parker, Angela Stanton, and Nikki Natural, with more surprises to come. The first episode, featuring a deep dive into Atlanta’s hip-hop legacy with rap legend Waka Flocka, is available now. Don’t miss the new episodes every Friday, exclusively on Shay’s Channel on You42.

Demetrius Game Stop Article GameStop Short Sellers Lose $1.24 Billion in May: What's Next?

GameStop Short Sellers Lose $1.24 Billion in May: What’s Next?

The meteoric rise of GameStop’s stock has put short sellers in a precarious position, with losses totaling $1.24 billion in May alone. Monday’s surge was particularly brutal, leading to an $838 million loss for hedge funds. The resurgence of “Roaring Kitty” on social media has reignited interest, echoing the historic 2021 trading frenzy. As meme stocks like GameStop and AMC continue to rally, short sellers are bracing for more turbulence.

Feud Fueled Success: Drake and Kendrick Lamar's Diss Tracks Dominate Billboard Hot 100

Feud Fueled Success: Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s Diss Tracks Dominate Billboard Hot 100

Drake and Kendrick Lamar are turning their feud into chart-topping success. Multiple diss tracks from the rivalry have stormed into the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100, with Kendrick’s “Not Like Us” debuting at No. 1 and Drake’s “Family Matters” landing at No. 7. As fans dissect the drama and celebrate the hits, both artists continue to thrive, proving that sometimes, a little competition can lead to big wins for the culture.

Demetrius L Brown Unlocking Your Potential

Unlocking Your Potential: The True Path to Success

I understand the excitement and motivation that comes from hearing others’ success stories. But here’s the truth: until that excitement and motivation ignite a fire within you to believe in your own potential and invest in your own success, you’ll continue to be a resident of the “Broke, Busted, and Disgusted” mental resort.