DJ Grand Groove

Thursdays 11PM – 12AM
Friday 4PM – 6PM

Old School NYC DJ catering to that back in the day Block Party crowd. Playing Old School & New School alike, to include a broad range of genres, DJ Grand Groove not only provides the right flavor needed for your event, but also has the Sound Reinforcement “BOOM” to take your event “OUTDOORS”. Originally from East New York Brooklyn, DJ Grand Groove was inspired by music from the band Brass Construction, who lived a block away. Later, legendary DJ’s such as Grand Master Flowers, King Charles and the Disco Twins provided the inspiration to start DJing in 1978. What distinguishes my style of Music is I remember Old School when it was New. Growing up in the 80’s, you either knew what was hot, or not, whereas younger DJ’s rely on YouTube to “Introduce Them” to the past. Coming out of retirement in 2015 he now promotes the “Groov/E – Music Festival” every six months at Water Works Park in Tampa. The Festival showcases the best local vocalist while the DJ’s play that good music….Block Party Style. Visit our website for details of the upcoming Music Festival, whether it’s in March or September you now have something to look forward to.