MoneyBag Mix Show

DJ Dillon Jam

Dillon Jam has always loved music. When he was just six months old, before he could even talk, he would babble the tune of the ABC song. Babble may not be the best word, because when he “sang” it; everyone knew exactly what he was doing. By the time he was 1, at every meal, he was doing simple beats. To this day, he can make creative beats – simply using his hands. In addition to DJing, Dillon also plays Alto Saxophone and makes beats.

In 2014, at the age of 8, Dillon Jam received his first controller as a Christmas Gift (he now uses turntables). That’s when DJ Dillon Jam was “born”. He would always watch Youtube videos on how to work it and still to this day watches Youtube videos that deal with DJing. He now works for Cool Receptions and has appeared on several North Carolina radio stations.