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Drake Just Broke This Big Billboard Record Held by Madonna

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“Last name ever, first name greatest,” his words, not ours, but we’re gonna have to agree. Drake is officially the only artist with the most top 10 songs in Billboards Hot 100 history, thanks to his latest collaborations with DJ Khaled on “POPSTAR” and “GREECE.”

The record, was previously held by Madonna with 38 songs, but Drizzy’s newest additions brings his total to 40, with “POPSTAR” at number three and “GREECE” at number eight.
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Her Madge-esty still holds rank for the most lead tracks on the list, comprising her entire list of 38 top 10s. Due partly to the collaborative nature of Hip Hop, Drake has earned 15 as a featured artist and 25 top 10s of his own. Nevertheless, a point is a point, even with an assist.
Drake started from the bottom in 2009 when he first hit the Hot 100’s top 10, when his breakthrough single “Best I Ever Had” hit number 2. Now he’s here, additionally breaking the record for most hits in the US Hot 100 this past March with 208, which has since reached 224 due to his most recent full-length release Dark Lane Demo Tapes.
Other big names Drake has surpassed on his way to the top, his mentor Lil Wayne, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Rihanna, and more.

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