Katakio is a twenty seven year old artist from Pasadena, California. She has been singing since the age of two, starting with the Sound of Music. While musicals and Disney movies first captured her heart, growing up in a household with two older brothers is what really shaped her musical palate, as she was introduced to the artists that would shape the sound of the beloved genre of 90’s R&B. She recorded her first song at the age of nine and continued to record kid friendly songs up until finishing middle school. At 14, right before the beginning of her Freshman year in high school, she wrote and recorded her first “real” song titled “I Want You” and it was then that both she and her family realized that this was something that she was destined to do. Since then, Katakio has recorded dozens of songs, mostly collabing with her older brother, HWood, who has helped to even further develop her sound. Asides from being a recording artist, Katakio has also had the chance to sing back up for both Solange and Janet Jackson, while also doing session work. While these were once in a lifetime opportunities, those experiences have only further intensified her dreams of becoming a singer in her own right. Her vocals are defined by a mix of innocent yet sultry tones and her lush harmonies are her signature across any song she touches. At this point in her life, music is her absolute priority and she is gearing up to take the R&B scene by storm. Right now it’s do or die and she is locked and loaded, ready to make her stamp in this industry.

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