Legacy Vibe Zone

BJ Pierce

Sunday and Monday 8PM – 10PM


BJ Pierce is an influential voice that cultivates and reaches his generation with his high energy and big personality on air, BJ was born in New Orleans , Louisiana , but he grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. At a young age he developed a love and passion for radio and realized that was the career path he wanted to pursue. In March of 2020, he teamed up with FUBU radio and has his own show “The Legacy Vibe Zone.
Outside of working in radio, BJ is proud to be the owner and CEO of Flyy Legacy Apparel a clothing line established in 2016 which he created to promote, encourage and remind individuals to focus on their Legacy while they are still living.
In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, traveling and shopping.
BJ is thankful that his voice is able to reach so many people weekly through the sound waves. He is no stranger to hard work and will continue to use his platform on radio to be a light, while uplifting and encouraging individuals to Live Life & Live Your Legacy.