Talkishhh Radio

Brooklyn Finest

Thursday’s 8pm - 10pm


Chianne Peacock (better known as Brooklyn’s Finest) is a force to be reckoned with. As a native of Brooklyn, NY, Chianne knows the value of how true work ethic and determination proves to be the key to being successful. Now residing in Atlanta, Chianne’s career is going to newer heights. With 5 years of Radio Broadcasting underneath her belt, she has been the host of many outlets: These outlets include: NURADIO, HOT NOIZE RADIO, AUMA RADIO, HIGHLY UNIQUE RADIO, SCRILLA GUERILLAZ MAGAZINE & now the CEO of her own station “TALKISHHH RADIO”.
Due to her hard work, it has gained recognition of other prominent professionals in the entertainment industry and causing her career to catch fire, making her fan base go to a whole new level. Chianne is on the rise and she is just getting started.