The I Digress Show

Lady DV

Thursday 6pm – 7pm
Sunday’s 11pm -12am


Lady DV started her radio career in 2015 with the debut of The iCreate Radio Show. Starting as a show for underground hip hop artists, it quickly became one of the top streamed shows on internet radio.
Coined the female Charlamagne for her outspoken demeanor, Lady DV is not afraid to say what the masses are thinking. Fast forward four years later, co-founder of FUBU and CEO of FUBU Radio, Keith Perrin and Lady DV were introduced by a mutual friend.
Tired of covering the gossip and dealing with the ever-changing indie scene, Lady DV broadened her topics and sought out to find a medium that bridges the millennials with their predecessors.
Thus, the iDigress show was born, showcasing eye-opening talent, authors and cultural events which provide an enriching experience. Tune in every Tuesday and Thursday on the FUBU app. Week by week you never know what topics will be covered and gems will be shared…but iDigress.