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OpenAI And News Corp Forge Global Partnership To Enhance ChatGPT,

Fubu Radio article OpenAI And News Corp Forge Global Partnership
OpenAI and News Corp. have entered a multi-year global partnership to enhance ChatGPT with premium journalistic content from outlets like The Wall Street Journal and The New York Post. This collaboration will enable OpenAI to display high-quality articles within ChatGPT responses and further train its AI models, setting new standards for digital journalism.

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OpenAI And News Corp Forge Global Partnership To Enhance ChatGPT With Premium Journalistic Content.

written By: Demetrius L. Brown

OpenAI and News Corp. have announced a groundbreaking “multi-year global partnership” that grants OpenAI access to both current and archived articles from prominent News Corp. outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, Barron’s, and The New York Post.

Through this deal, OpenAI will integrate content from these News Corp.-owned platforms into its ChatGPT chatbot, responding to user inquiries with high-quality journalistic material. Additionally, OpenAI will leverage News Corp.’s content to further develop and refine its AI models, enhancing the overall performance and accuracy of its products.

In a joint release, News Corp. emphasized that it would contribute journalistic expertise to help uphold high standards of journalism across OpenAI’s offerings. Robert Thomson, CEO of News Corp., praised the partnership, stating, “We believe this historic agreement will set new standards for veracity, virtue, and value in the digital age. We are delighted to partner with Sam Altman and his talented team, who understand the commercial and social significance of journalists and journalism.”

This announcement comes on the heels of Reddit’s similar partnership with OpenAI, which allows OpenAI to train its AI models using Reddit content via the platform’s Data API. In return, Reddit will incorporate AI features for users and moderators and gain OpenAI as an advertising partner. Google has also entered into a similar arrangement with Reddit to train its AI models on Reddit content.

OpenAI recently launched an upgraded AI model and a desktop version of ChatGPT, featuring an updated user interface and broader access to GPT-4, including for free users. Chief Technology Officer Mira Murati highlighted the advancements in GPT-4, noting its increased speed and improved capabilities in text, video, and audio. Future updates will include the ability for users to video chat with ChatGPT.

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