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Hosted by fitness expert, model & actress Krystal Lavenne (@K_Lavenne) and music editor, publicist & consultant Mecca Rashawn (@MrMecc), the dynamic duo take a flirty, fun and sexy approach to interviewing that promises a wild ride for the guest and audience alike! Leaving the standard Q&A format in the dust along with other shows, strap in for the kind of conversation not for the faint or heart on unprepared ear!

MrMecc Bio

When it comes to Hip-Hop music, culture and politics, there are few journalist in the field that swing a sharper sword than Mecca “MrMecc” Rashawn. With an over 15 plus year history as a professional writer, reporter, interviewer, his experience in the field is second to none.

Getting his start as an intern at the legendary Source Magazine, Mecc was able to learn from icons in the field of Hip-Hop writing, which allowed him to paint pictures with words with stunning accuracy. Along with witnessing the rise and fall of artist that came and went, the Jamaica Queens native was able to develop an instinct for analyzing not only what made an artist tick, but also what made them win. Giving his questions a sharpness that his readers always appreciated.

After completing his bucket list at The Source mag, which included becoming the music editor, writing eight cover stories, running the Unsigned Hype column, starting a rap group (Slaughterhouse), writing a 5-Mic review (Bun B) and interviewing household names like Fat Joe, Nas, Nicki Minaj, Pusha-T, The Roots and others, it was time to diversify his portfolio. Taking his wealth of knowledge, gift of speaking and natural charisma on camera and into the field, Mecc became a publicist, branding/marketing specialist, talking head and special consultant, working with industry legend, Busta Rhymes, underground all-star Immortal Technique and up-&-coming artist across the country.

With a love for interviewing and a firm finger on the pulse of all things new, Mecc teamed with fitness model and close friend Krystal Lavenne to keep the party going with the M+M+M Show Podcast!

Krystal Lavenne Bio

Krystal Lavenne is a multi-faceted Fitness Coach, Host, Model and Actress currently residing in New York City. Her athletic body and never-say-die spirit sprung from her heavy work ethic and an upbringing immersed in all things athletic and creative.

Being born the daughter of a folk music singer/songwriter nurtured Krystal’s love of music, natural charisma and sense of showmanship. The Ohio native’s fun loving spirit and 100-watt smile has been noted as contagious, and has come to define who she is when connecting with audiences on and off camera.

After being trained in Salsa, ballet, Opera, acting and gymnastics at both Tulane University and the University of New Orleans Krystal took the devastation of Hurricane Katrina as a sign to head to New York City. The music community welcomed her with open arms as Krystal spent the next several years singing, writing, producing and performing with Grammy award winning creatives like Shaggy, Wyclef Jean, Snoop Dogg, Scott Storch, and Che Pope.

After taking a break from music and beating stage 2 breast cancer thanks to a double mastectomy, chemo, and reconstructive surgery, Krystal was cleared by her doctor to get back in the gym. With the help of legendary bodybuilding coach, trusted friend and fellow cancer survivor Victor Munoz, she competed and placed in multiple bodybuilding competitions. Her unique look and magnetic energy helped the Bodybawse become the host for Generation Iron “G.I. Weekly” and a cohost for the “Generation Iron Podcast” on CBS with world-renowned bodybuilder Kai Green.

She now hosts with Hip-Hop aficionado and super New York personality MrMecc on the M+M+M Show, aka the MMMK Show on AlHipHop.com (Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, we’re everywhere!!) interviewing artists and pop culture icons about their public and very personal lives!

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