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The Income Needed to Be Middle Class in Every U.S. State—Nearly $200,000 in Two States

Fubu Radio Article The Salary You Need to Be Considered Middle Class in Every U.S. State—It's Close to $200,000 in Two States
The income needed to be considered middle class in the U.S. varies greatly by state, with some states requiring over $150,000 annually. Maryland and New Jersey are at the high end, where a middle-class income approaches $200,000. The exact ranges are based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2022 American Community Survey. Financial well-being, however, goes beyond income and is influenced by our perceptions and comparisons, says financial psychologist Brad Klontz.

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The Income Needed to Be Middle Class in Every U.S. State—Nearly $200,000 in Two States

written By: Demetrius Brown

In the U.S., your middle-class status depends largely on where you live. In some states, even an income over $150,000 might still categorize you as middle class.

GOBankingRates analyzed the income range needed to qualify as middle class in all 50 states using the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2022 American Community Survey. The personal finance site defines “middle class” as households with an annual income that is two-thirds to double a state’s median income.

In Maryland and New Jersey, the high end of the middle-class income range approaches $200,000. In Maryland, a middle-class income ranges from $65,641 to $196,922, while in New Jersey, it spans from $64,751 to $194,252. This high threshold aligns with the states’ high median household incomes as of 2022, per U.S. Census Bureau data.

Here’s the income range that qualifies as middle class in every U.S. state, listed alphabetically:

Alabama: $39,739 to $119,218
Alaska: $57,580 to $172,740
Arizona: $48,387 to $145,162
Arkansas: $37,557 to $112,670
California: $61,270 to $183,810
Colorado: $58,399 to $175,196
Connecticut: $60,142 to $180,426
Delaware: $52,883 to $158,650
Florida: $45,278 to $135,834
Georgia: $47,570 to $142,710
Hawaii: $63,209 to $189,628
Idaho: $46,809 to $140,428
Illinois: $52,289 to $156,866
Indiana: $44,782 to $134,346
Iowa: $47,047 to $141,142
Kansas: $46,498 to $139,494
Kentucky: $40,122 to $120,366
Louisiana: $38,568 to $115,704
Maine: $45,501 to $136,502
Maryland: $65,641 to $196,922
Massachusetts: $64,337 to $193,010
Michigan: $45,670 to $137,010
Minnesota: $56,209 to $168,626
Mississippi: $35,323 to $105,970
Missouri: $43,947 to $131,840
Montana: $44,227 to $132,682
Nebraska: $47,815 to $143,444
Nevada: $47,764 to $143,292
New Hampshire: $60,563 to $181,690
New Jersey: $64,751 to $194,252
New Mexico: $39,148 to $117,444
New York: $54,257 to $162,772
North Carolina: $44,124 to $132,372
North Dakota: $49,306 to $147,918
Ohio: $44,660 to $133,980
Oklahoma: $40,909 to $122,728
Oregon: $51,088 to $153,264
Pennsylvania: $48,780 to $146,340
Rhode Island: $54,247 to $162,740
South Carolina: $42,415 to $127,246
South Dakota: $46,305 to $138,914
Tennessee: $42,690 to $128,070
Texas: $48,690 to $146,070
Utah: $57,889 to $173,666
Vermont: $49,343 to $148,028
Virginia: $58,166 to $174,498
Washington: $60,217 to $180,650
West Virginia: $36,811 to $110,434
Wisconsin: $48,305 to $144,916
Wyoming: $48,330 to $144,990

Beyond Income: The Subjective Nature of Being Middle Class

Financial well-being is often more about perception than numbers, says Brad Klontz, a certified financial planner and expert in financial psychology. “Our financial well-being is not an objective number,” Klontz explains. “It’s subjective and based on who we are comparing ourselves to.”

You might not feel middle class even if your income falls within the range, especially if you compare yourself to people on social media who portray a wealthy lifestyle. “The more we get exposed to people who seem to have more than us on social media, the worse we feel,” Klontz says. “We feel deprived even when we may not actually be deprived. What state do you live in?

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