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The second season of ‘Verzuz’ has a start date with these two legendary rappers

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As announced on Saturday,Verzuz is coming back in November for Season 2. And that’s not all, the season premiere will feature Atlanta rappers, T.I. vs Jeezy, and they’re sure to bring all the smoke.

Seriously though, it’s about time, for Verzuz to return and for T.I. to get up on that roster. it’s no secret T.I. has been campaigning for a spot on Verzuz ever since the Timbaland and Swizz Beatz created the IG Live series.

Well okay, not so surprisingly T.I. respectfully declined the offer on IG Live, explaining, “I salute and respect Busta a whole lot, I just think the generational gap might be just a little too much.”

Then, Tip put out a call to Jeezy, “Everybody keep saying me and Young (Jeezy). But if Young wanted this smoke, he’d say it. If y’all want it, tell him to say it.”

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