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Young DJ Dillon Jams


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Did you miss an episode or simply wish to revisit one? Now you can relive the excitement of the Money Bag Mix Show on FUBU RADIO Network on YOU42. Just follow the link provided below and listen to the replays.

DJ Dillon Jam sets the Money Bag Mix Show on fire every Monday to Friday, 10PM-12AM. This youthful prodigy dominates the rhythm like no other.

From humming tunes at a tender six months to the present, DJ Dillon Jam’s passion for music has been unwavering. A memorable Christmas gift at age 8—a controller—marked the inception of his DJing journey. Self-taught initially, he ardently honed his transitioning skills by immersing himself in a myriad of music genres. Graced with influential mentors who recognized his fervor and flair, Dillon refined his prowess even further.

Now, at 17, with a DJing career spanning almost a decade, Dillon boasts an impressive list of accolades. These include the crowns of the 2020 ‘We Are Hip-Hop DJ Battle’ and the 2021 ‘CLT DJ Battle’, and hosting stints on various online radio shows.

Beyond his DJ persona, Dillon is an honor-roll senior at a performing arts high school, majoring in Music Production. Juggling the responsibilities of a young entrepreneur, academic commitments, and community service, Dillon stands out. Part of his community outreach includes mentoring at BackSpinz, a nonprofit music academy sculpting the next generation of music enthusiasts.

With college on the horizon, Dillon envisions an academic path that melds his love for music, DJing prowess, and ambition to uplift his community. His aspirations? Helping tracks achieve platinum status, clutching a Grammy, and architecting a revolutionary music program to empower youth in the digital music arena, changing the industry’s landscape for the better.