Mr. Keeyzo's Corner

Keith Perrin

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Keith Perrin, a renowned entrepreneur, who successfully introduced FUBU the Collection, an influential apparel brand, to staggering retail sales exceeding $6 billion. As the driving force in marketing, Keith’s strategic placement of FUBU in various media platforms like music videos, photo shoots, and film appearances has been pivotal. His direct relationships with top music artists and celebrities have been key to FUBU’s longstanding marketing approach.

His journey began in Queens, NY, where he was raised by a determined single mother. Keith’s early start in the workforce at 14, and his subsequent achievements in New York’s real estate sector, including roles with HUD and as a manager of a Harlem housing complex, showcase his dedication and entrepreneurial spirit from a young age.

Keith’s expansive career also includes collaborations with notable fashion labels such as Kappa, Ted Baker, Coogi, and Drunkn Munky, further highlighting his versatility in the fashion industry. His skills as an effective public speaker have led him to inspire audiences across various platforms, including educational institutions, corporate events, and television appearances on shows like BET and The Montel Williams Show. His engaging personality has made him a beloved and respected figure in both the fashion and entertainment sectors.

As a founder of the globally recognized Fubu The Collection, Keith continues to break new ground, reinforcing urban lifestyle’s influence in society. His latest endeavor is Fubu Radio, where he serves as CEO and General Manager, steering both its administrative and business operations. Launched on December 24, 2015, Fubu Radio bridges the gap between our cultural heritage and our future societal progression, celebrating the essence of urban life, culture, and community.

An honorary member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Keith exemplifies leadership, striving to guide his community towards new horizons. His expertise spans branding, marketing, sales, business, and property management, along with a knack for product placement and deal-making, making him a dynamic force in today’s business world.